Pacific Barista Series Nut Milks


Created for you – professional baristas – Pacific Barista Series offers the versatility your craft demands, without sacrificing the flavour your customers expect! 


• Subtle flavour profiles
• Crafted to complement fine espresso
• Less sweetness than regular milk


• Withstands the high heat of steaming
• No burnt or bitter notes
• Curdle free – no separation in coffee
• Performs in hot and cold drinks


• Consistently smooth, glossy microfoam
• Performs like dairy
• Exceptional for latte art!

Barista Series SOY

The nut milk that started it all! Barista Series Soy features a neutral taste profile that allows the flavour of fine espresso to shine!

Made with Organic, Non-GMO soy beans

Download: Barista Series Soy information page

Barista Series ALMOND

Light almond flavour crafted to complement espresso. Unlike conventional almond milks, Barista Series Almond does not turn burnt or bitter when heated. It will be your best friend on the bar.

Made with Non-GMO almonds; No GEI ingredients

Download: Barista Series Almond information page
Download: Barista Series Almond testimonials page

Barista Series COCONUT

Subtle coconut flavour perfectly complements cold brew, espresso and others forms of coffee. Join the coconut craze!

Made with Non-GMO coconuts; No GEI ingredients

Download: Barista Series Coconut information page

Barista Series RICE

Welcome the newest member of the Barista Series family. Crafted with Pacific’s proprietary creamy base, this milk is subtle with a lightly sweet Rice flavor. Oh, and it steams like nobody’s business!

Made with Non-GMO rice; No GEI ingredients

Download: Barista Series Rice information page
Download: Barista Series Rice Sell Sheet