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Just How “HOT” is “Cold Brew”?

If you haven’t heard of Cold Brew coffee yet, well, you might just be dead. Don’t worry – a shot of the cold stuff will awaken you!

It is without question that the Cold Brew trend is showing no signs of slowing down. While trend setters like Stumptown have been serving up Cold Brew for years, the market has now gone mainstream. Within the last year, major players such as STARBUCKS, DUNKIN’ DONUTS, and PEETS COFFEE have all invested heavily in the Cold Brew market, with dynamic successes! Research firm Mintel estimates that cold brew grew by 338.9% from 2010-2015, and that was even before the big chains came on board.

How can Canadian food-service operators enter the Cold Brew game and percolate sales?
The Challenges:

The greatest challenge to Cold Brew in the food-service realm is refrigeration (most cold brews are not shelf stable), and cost (RTD varieties range between CAD $2.99-$4.99 per drink).
“Refrigerated distribution may be the biggest marketing challenge for companies wanting to sell their… cold-brewed coffees. Not only can it be expensive, it’s also a logistical nightmare that is compounded by cold-brewed coffee’s relatively short shelf-life.” – BevNet

The Solution:

Uniquely for food-service, Kohana produces the only Cold Brew Concentrate that is Shelf-Stable. It also has a 12 month Shelf-life, is very well priced, and is Organic! With a 1:2 concentration, it is easy to apply as a still iced drink (2oz cold brew, 4oz water, in 12oz glass of ice), as a sparkling drink (infuse with nitro or substitute still water for sparkling), or as a cocktail or mocktail ingredient (Elderflower Cold Brew martini anyone?).

Gerhards Importers is the exclusive importer of the only shelf-stable Cold Brew concentrate in Canada.
Multi-unit restaurants, bars, lounges or cafes can now seamlessly incorporate Cold Brew into their LTO or regular beverage menus. Contact Gerhards today for more information.

What is the secret to creating an authentic syrup?

What distinguishes a true French Premium syrup like 1883, from a big-box USA syrup? What are the determining factors for taste, sweetness level and aroma? What is the path meticulously walked by 1883 to produce authentic, pure, and intense flavours for beverage professionals? Link to download this strikingly educational post. English or French.

Nspire Organic Teas

Handsewn cotton sachets, filled with the finest organic whole leaf teas and herbs from around the world, carefully curated by hand.

Say goodbye to those see-through nylon and GMO corn-PLA plastic bags sitting on your counter. Canada now has a natural, sustainable choice, containing complex blends of the finest organic tea on earth.

Learn more about PLA silky pyramid bags (online: Are tea bags turning us into plastic? and What’s in your mug? The toxic truth about tea). Learn more about Nspire here.

Gerhards Brochure 2016-17

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Barista Series Coconut Milk

The only Coconut milk crafted exclusively for professional Barista use in specialty coffee! Not only does the subtle coconut flavour complement fine espresso, but it froths into beautifully smooth, glossy micro foam. Made with Non-GMO Coconut, Barista Series Coconut is also Vegan friendly and gluten free. Oh yeah, and it’s not available in retail, allowing you to create a unique cafe experience. Find out more here.

Watch 1883 at the New York Coffee Fest!