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Meet milkadamia’s new barista formula ‘Latte Da’, innocently made from raw macadamias.



Barista Series Rice Milk

(Now in Stock!)

The only Rice milk crafted exclusively for professional Barista use in specialty coffee! Not only does the subtle flavour allow the coffee to be the star, but it froths into beautifully smooth, glossy micro foam. Made with Non-GMO Rice and no GEI ingredients, Barista Series Rice is also Vegan friendly and gluten free. It’s subtle sweetness is naturally occurring, with less sugar content than milk. Oh yeah, and it’s not available in retail, allowing you to create a unique cafe experience. Find out more here.

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Kombucha Wonder Drink

Gerhards Importers Canada is proud to announce our official Importer Partnership with Kombucha Wonder Drink products in the Canadian foodservice channel. We are excited to work together with Wonder Drink in Canada to grow this engaging product!

Link here to view our announcement newsletter and learn more about how Wonder Drink can work for your business!

Link here to our Wonder Drink website page


Kombucha Wonder Drink Health Benefits
Sales Sheet: Wonder Drink Cans
Sales Sheet: Wonder Drink Bottles

Craft Beverages | Summer 2017

Don’t miss out on some of this seasons most innovative beverage inspirations! Click image above to view our Summer 2017 Craft Beverages guide.

Kohana Organic Cold Brew

Cold brew grew 580% from 2010-2016 (Mintel)! Across the coffee market, Cold Brew is driving growth (see article in the financial post)!
Are you being left behind?

Cold Brew Woes:

1. Refrigeration: Most cold brews require cold-chain refrigeration from manufacturing, distribution, and in-house. “Not only can it be expensive, it’s also a logistical nightmare that is compounded by cold-brewed coffee’s relatively short shelf-life.” – BevNet

2. Bacterial Growth: Cafe’s that want to brew their own in-house could be exposing their customers to all sorts of dangerous pathogens. “Cold brew is more susceptible to foodborne pathogens” – BrewGlobal; Cold-brew is more vulnerable to bacterial growth.” – FreshCup Magazine

The Solution: KOHANA

Kohana Cold Brew concentrate is Shelf-Stable for 12 months, micro-filtered and organic! It’s clean bold (not bitter) flavourful taste will keep customers coming back!
Multiple Applications: iced, sparkling/nitro, with nut milks (Coconut Cold Brew), cocktail / mocktail ingredient (Cold Brew martini, anyone?)

Gerhards Importers is the exclusive Canadian importer of Kohana Cold Brew. Contact us today to seamlessly incorporate Cold Brew into your beverage program.
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What is the secret to creating an authentic syrup?

What distinguishes a true French Premium syrup like 1883, from a big-box USA syrup? What are the determining factors for taste, sweetness level and aroma? What is the path meticulously walked by 1883 to produce authentic, pure, and intense flavours for beverage professionals? Link to download this strikingly educational post. English or French.

Watch 1883 at Coffee Fest!

Gerhards Brochure 2017

(updated June 2017)
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