Matcha Benefits


Why Matcha?

  • Highest antioxidant food on earth!
  • Matcha contains 105 more antioxidant levels than blueberries per gram; 56% more per serving. (CAP-e testing NIS labs)
  • Matcha contains over 5x the antioxidant levels of Gojiberry; Over 13x that of Pomegranate; Over 25x of Acai. (Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry)
  • The combination of natural Amino Acid L-Theanine and Caffeine delivers an increase in energy without the crash; “calm-alertness”.
  • Natural Chlorophyll Body Detoxifier.
  • Promotes Weight Loss: gently boosts your metabolism and burns fat.
  • Cancer-fighting: abundant amount of the cancer fighting catechin EGCg.


Links and Downloads

Aiya Matcha and Health Blood Sugar.pdf
Aiya Matcha POP 2012.pdf
Aiya New Matcha Write Up.pdf
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