{we just can't keep this bottled up}

100% non-GMO Real Fruit Purée

No added sugars, colours or preservatives

Boosted with highly functional super-foods for greater nutritional benefits


street smart

Each flavour boasts its own blend of functional super-food boosts. Energizing Ashawaganda. Detoxifying Spirulina. Hydrating Coconut water. Maqui Berry antioxidants. Enhance your nutritional super powers!

Feel the love

100% non-GMO real fruits and vegetables. No artificial anything. Kosher, GF & Vegan with 3 fruit servings in every smoothie. Good for you. Good for the earth. Market your health halo!

get inspired

You don't just sell a smoothie anymore. You sell a super-food, non-GMO verified, nutritional powerhouse! You my friend are a smoothie hero! Smartfuit has the flavours and marketing to keep your customers inspired.