Smith Tea

Sustainability Promise


Our partners produce tea & botanicals in a sustainable manner, recognizing that nurturing the soil and the plant is the only way to create a sustainable crop.


We source from farms that are well-managed and invest in these communities by paying a premium for their products.


We are committed to complete traceability to every ingredient in our line. On, enter the batch number located on the bottom of each carton of our tea to learn about where and when each ingredient is produced.


We buy direct from our partners at origin and then blend, manufacture, pack, and ship from our headquarters in Portland, minimizing our carbon footprint.


We support organic production wherever possible and use natural ingredients for all our teas, creating wonderful experiences that are safe for our consumers and our planet.

Smith Tea

Every cup of Smith begins with the gift of what if. It’s that feeling you have as a kid, when the world’s full of happy surprises. Trying fresh culinary ideas, trading notes with friends, pushing yourself through creative mashups with like-minded makers and mixologists, letting the lightning strike.

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Inside the Smith Sachet

Our sachets are created from a plant-based material that is 100% commercially compostable and uses the same full leaf quality tea as our loose blends. This makes it a sachet with serious cachet.
We craft our blends in tiny batches at our tea atelier in Portland, Oregon using full leaf teas from around the world. Everything we make is handcrafted. By us. In house. Every ingredient is single-origin and sourced directly from gardens employing sustainable practices.

Iced Teas

Our iced tea collection offers invigorating blends sure to fit any mood. Formulated using the highest quality, ethically sourced ingredients, each flavor is nuanced, sugar-free, and available in our signature plant-based sachets.
Cold steeping your tea can be a way to highlight certain aspects of a tea that you enjoy. The cooler and slower method of cold steeping doesn’t steep out the tannins the way hot water does. In general, using cold water will play up the sweetness and minimize any bitterness.