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1883 Cardamom

1883 Cardamom simple syrup

Introducing: 1883 CARDAMOM

Cardamom is a spice made from seed pods within the ginger family. According to Masterclass, “few flavors in this world stack up to the aromatic complexity of cardamom. Nicknamed the “queen of spices,” it has the power to enliven a baked good, to provide a lush backbone to cup after cup of milky, sweet tea, and to temper heat with a mellow hint of something in bloom.” It is one of the most expensive spices, next to vanilla and saffron, highlighting the premium allurement of 1883 Cardamom.

1883 Cardamom syrup Manuka Star recipe

1883 Cardamom in beverage!

“Cardamom adds new depth to beverages, either as a garnishing sprinkle to introduce an alluring aromatic expression or in syrups and tinctures, as a way to impact builds with assertive and complex flavor. Cardamom adds aroma and accentuates the savory nuances in both the fruit and spirit in drinks like bourbon fruit smashes, flavored Old Fashioneds and Tiki cocktails.”
~ Flavor & the Menu quoting beverage consultant David Commer


The Spruce Eats recommends cardamom syrup be used as a coffee sweetener, or to flavour Masala chai, lemonade, apple martini’s, whipped cream, and plum, pear and apricot cocktails. The unique and enticing aroma of cardamom is well suited to enhance many beverages. For example, the Moroccan Cocktail is an intriguing drink that pairs the sweet taste of pomegranate with a hint of cardamom spice; a great choice for dinner or brunch. The complete line of 1883 premium simple syrups is made exclusively in France, in the heart of the French Alps, for matchless purity, passion and authenticity.

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