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1883 Warm Spices

1883 Warm Spices

Featuring: 1883 WARM SPICES

Warm Iced Tea recipe

The warm colour and fragrant bouquet of 1883 Warm Spices ignites the senses with aromatic promise. The deep notes of cinnamon and clove, combined with light, indulgent vanilla notes, burst on the palate like a rainbow of vibrant colours on a white page. The perfect flavour for Fall and throughout the four seasons.

Warm Spices in beverage!

This winning combination of flavours brings spice and warmth to coffee-based drinks like lattes, cappuccinos and blended drinks. It adds depth to cocktails and spirit-free beverages alike, from an Old Fashioned to seasonal iced teas.


The complete line of 1883 premium simple syrups is made exclusively in France, in the heart of the French Alps, for matchless purity, passion and authenticity.

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