Month: September 2017

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Secrets of Syrup Authenticity

What is the secret to creating an authentic syrup? What distinguishes a true French Premium syrup like 1883, from a big-box USA syrup? What are the determining factors for taste, sweetness level and aroma? What is the path meticulously walked by 1883 to produce authentic, pure, and intense flavours for beverage professionals? Link to download this strikingly educational post.…

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Kohana Cold Brew Solution

Kohana Organic Cold Brew Cold brew grew 580% from 2010-2016 (Mintel)! Across the coffee market, Cold Brew is driving growth (see article in the financial post)! Are you being left behind? Cold Brew Woes: 1. Refrigeration: Most cold brews require cold-chain refrigeration from manufacturing, distribution, and in-house. "Not only can it be expensive, it’s also a logistical…