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Clean Label Natural Syrups

“Clean label is a consumer driven movement, demanding a return to ‘real food’ and transparency through authenticity. No artificial ingredients or synthetic chemicals.” — Go Clean Label™ Many syrup companies are now trying to change their decades-long practice of using artificial flavors and high fructose corn syrups. However, may the change to clean label ingredients actually…

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Barista Series Oat Milk

Winning "BEST NEW PRODUCT" at the SCA Expo April 19-22, 2018 in Seattle, Pacific Barista Series Oat was officially unveiled to excited guests. It could be said that this was one of Pacific's best kept secret, surprising thrilled baristas and cafe owners alike. Plant based milks have been rapidly growing in the specialty coffee segment.…

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2018 Beverage Trends

Texture and color to deliver share-worthy experiences. In 2018, the sound, feel, and satisfaction that texture provides will become more important to companies and consumers alike. Food and drink products have used a variety of ingredients, such as turmeric, matcha, and activated charcoal, to create vibrantly hued drinks, snacks, and  other food that attracts attention, especially on Instagram, Pinterest, and other image-centric media. Colour will continue to be important, but texture…

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Spicy Spritz

A spicy twist of the famous Italian spritz, to charm the adventurous. Ingredients: 1/3 oz. 1883 Spicy syrup 1 oz. aperol or bitter apertif spirit 1-2/3 oz. prosecco 1-2/3 oz. sparkling water Instructions: Fill a a balloon or spritz glass full of ice Add all the ingredients. Stir well. Garnish with a mint sprig, bird’s…

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Spicy Batida

The famous Brazilian drink with a spicy kick, all dressed up in a fresh pineapple. Ingredients: 1 oz. 1883 Spicy syrup 1-1/3 oz. Cachaça 2-2/3 oz. pineapple juice 2 slices of pineapple Shredded nutmeg Instructions: Pour all the ingredients in a blender. Add ice to cover and mix until smooth. Pour in an hollowed pineapple.…

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Rossini Spritz

The Rossini (sparkling wine and raspberries) is a fashion-proof drink like the Kir Royal. The Spritz is a recent recipe which quickly became popular. When married, these two recipes yield a triumphant symphony of classic flavour. Ingredients: 2/3 oz 1883 Raspberry syrup 1 oz. Aperol or apertif bitters 4 Dashes absinthe 3-1/3 oz. Prosecco Instructions:…

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Pear Claridge

Claridge is a famous cocktail from the Savoy cocktail’s book of 1930. This Pear Claridge is a powerful and complex twist. Ingredients: 2/3 oz. 1883 Pear Syrup 2/3 oz. Vermouth Routin Dry 2/3 oz. Triple sec 1-1/3 oz. “Eau de vie” pear 1 Dash plum bitters Instructions: Pour all the ingredients in a small shaker…

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Nocciola Goloso

An indulgent hazelnut espresso. Ingredients: 1 oz. Espresso 1/3 oz. 1883 Hazelnut syrup Whipped cream Instructions: Pull an espresso over the 1883 Hazelnut syrup. Top with whipped cream (if made in house, flavour with hazelnut). Decorate with a whole hazelnut and hazelnut powder. Download this recipe

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Green Garden

A cocktail inspire by “Garden Delight” of Manuel Terron, a light and thirst-quenching version. Ingredients: 1/2 oz. 1883 Cucumber Syrup 3/4 oz. green melon liquor 1/3 oz. lime juice 5 oz. sparkling water 1 rosemary stick Instructions: In a tumbler full of ice: pour all the liquids. Stir well with a rosemary stick. Garnish with…

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Green Kiss

A cool flowered drink, perfect as an aperitif. Ingredients: 1/2 oz. 1883 Green Tea syrup 1 oz. Génépi l’Ancienne 1 oz. London Dry Gin 2/3 oz. yuzu juice 1/2 egg white 2 dashes Absinth 6 mint leaves Instructions: Pour all the ingredients in a small shaker tin. Fill with ice and shake hard for 10…