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Barista Series Oat Milk

Winning “BEST NEW PRODUCT” at the SCA Expo April 19-22, 2018 in Seattle, Pacific Barista Series Oat was officially unveiled to excited guests.

It could be said that this was one of Pacific’s best kept secret, surprising thrilled baristas and cafe owners alike. Plant based milks have been rapidly growing in the specialty coffee segment. Until now, oat has been a missing piece of the dairy alternative puzzle. Soy, Coconut, Almond and even Rice milks from Pacific have dominated, as Pacific has worked hand-in-hand in development with some of North Americas most respected baristas. However this latest release may be the most exciting yet. With the help of barista champions and aficionados, Pacific has perfected the Barista Oat milk. Until now, other brands have tried to concoct barista style oat milks, but they have left discerning customers unsatisfied.

Clever marketing alone does not a “Barista” oat milk make. It is no easy task to create an oat milk that froths as seamlessly as Pacific Barista Series Oat. Nor do other oat milks deliver such a subtle creamy taste that perfectly complements fine espresso. Plus Pacifics Oat Milk is carrageenan free with no added cane sugar. The results speak for themselves as hundreds of baristas at the SCA Expo competed in the Barista Series Latte Art challenge. Some of the winning pours can be seen on the Barista Series Instagram page here.


So, when can I get my eager hands on Pacific Barista Series Oat?

We’re happy to answer, now! A white label production run has been produced for Canada, and new label packaging is being rolled out this summer. Contact your distributors today to be first in line when they receive product. To find or become a distributor of Pacific Barista Series products, visit our contact us page and be sure to sign up for our newsletter at the bottom, which announces new product launches.


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