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Clean Label Natural Syrups

“Clean label is a consumer driven movement, demanding a return to ‘real food’ and transparency through authenticity. No artificial ingredients or synthetic chemicals.” — Go Clean Label™

Many syrup companies are now trying to change their decades-long practice of using artificial flavors and high fructose corn syrups. However, may the change to clean label ingredients actually create a lesser-quality product? In an effort to offset the higher cost of natural flavors, will some syrup companies increase the volume of *cheap* sugar and decrease the real fruit juices? That’s why many customers relate that their old syrup is sweeter and doesn’t have the same taste or quality as it did years ago.


In sharp contrast, Maison Routin 1883 has been crafting syrups since, well, 1883. They have done so in the quaint French town of Chambery, of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region in south-eastern France. Yes, you may know this region for its many fine wines, delectable cheeses, and of course, authentic 1883 syrups. Chambery is also located at the base of the French Alps, the source of some of the purest water on earth. It is this pure water from the Alps that 1883 exclusively uses in their syrups. This pure living water not only carries flavor, but results in a clean taste with less sugar than other syrups. The water is not harshly treated with chemicals, nor does it need to be masked by additional sugars or pollutants. Clean label even before labels.


From where do the flavours come?

North American syrups rely on industrial flavour companies to deliver pre-made “test tube” flavours. These test-tube flavour batches can be of natural or artificial origin. In stark contrast, 1883 possesses an archive of pure aromas. Aromas, or flavour compounds, are the building blocks of finished flavour. The 1883 sensory panel blends these natural aroma compounds and real fruit juices to create the desired aromatic profiles for each particular syrup. With patience and exactitude, they invent the subtle balance of aroma desired by bartenders and baristas around the world. Each syrup is not the result of combining cane syrup with test-tube flavours. It is the result of 1883’s “syrup sommeliers,” real juices and flavours, and an archive of over 2000 references. Each bottle is a feat of authenticity!

Yes, over 100 years before the Americas needed to turn “clean-label”, 1883 was already working beyond their realm to deliver the purest, most authentic syrups on earth. Their list of clean-label natural syrups continues to increase, all of them clean-tasting and true to nature. The finest syrups creatively distilled in a premium look and feel worthy of their status. Contact us to learn more.


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