Jomeis Nutritional Lattes

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vegan | Non-gmo | Sugar-free| 100% Plant based
100% Natural | Gluten-free | Dairy-free | Paleo

Bringing innovation, colour & fun to the table with a beverage range that #lovesyouback

With the “in vogue” Turmeric Latte capturing the hearts and minds of many health conscious café dwellers over the last 18 months,
it’s time to take alternative beverages to the next level and  raise the stakes!

Jomeis Fine Foods Nutritional Lattes are 100% Natural & 100% plant based, using some of the most potent ingredients on Earth. The Lattes are free from Dairy, Gluten, Sugar, Soy, Artificial Colours, Flavours and Preservatives. They are also Paleo, Non GMO, Vegan friendly & Halal Certified.

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The natural sweetness of beetroot teamed with the underlying notes of cacao, with hints of cinnamon, ginger & vanilla. This unforgettable & uplifting Beetroot Latte is sure to put a spring in your step & a smile on your face. 

SERVING SIZE: 5g per 250ml (8oz) cup
 6 x 120 grams (6 x 24 servings each)
INGREDIENTS: Beetroot powder (45%), coconut milk powder, cacao, cinnamon, ginger, Stevia

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A deliciously warming blend of spicy turmeric with hints of cinnamon, ginger & black pepper. Turmeric, the spice of life has been enjoyed for centuries across the globe for its wonderful medicinal benefits. Spread the light with this powerful, ancient healing spice & enjoy a cup of this beautifully golden, incredibly delicious nutritional latte. 

SERVING SIZE: 2.5g per 250ml (8oz) cup
 6 x 120 grams (6 x 48 servings each)
INGREDIENTS: Turmeric (45%), cinnamon, ginger, black pepper, coconut milk powder, Stevia

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