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Kohana Cold Brew Solution

Kohana Organic Cold Brew

Cold brew grew 580% from 2010-2016 (Mintel)! Across the coffee market, Cold Brew is driving growth (see article in the financial post)!
Are you being left behind?

Cold Brew Woes:

1. Refrigeration: Most cold brews require cold-chain refrigeration from manufacturing, distribution, and in-house. “Not only can it be expensive, it’s also a logistical nightmare that is compounded by cold-brewed coffee’s relatively short shelf-life.” – BevNet

2. Bacterial Growth: Cafe’s that want to brew their own in-house could be exposing their customers to all sorts of dangerous pathogens. “Cold brew is more susceptible to foodborne pathogens” – BrewGlobal; Cold-brew is more vulnerable to bacterial growth.” – FreshCup Magazine

The Solution: KOHANA

Kohana Cold Brew concentrate is Shelf-Stable for 12 months, micro-filtered and organic! It’s clean bold (not bitter) flavourful taste will keep customers coming back!
Multiple Applications: iced, sparkling/nitro, with nut milks (Coconut Cold Brew), cocktail / mocktail ingredient (Cold Brew martini, anyone?)

Gerhards Importers is the exclusive Canadian importer of Kohana Cold Brew. Contact us today to seamlessly incorporate Cold Brew into your beverage program.
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