Kohana Cold Brew Coffee

KOHANA Shelf-Stable COLD BREW Coffee Concentrate

Easy | Efficient | Exquisite

Shelf-Stable [no cold storage required]

SQF3 Certified, Star-K Kosher

12 month shelf-life; 30 days opened in fridge

Woman Owned Business Enterprise (WBENC)

Non-GMO Project Certified, Gluten-free & Vegan

Custom roasted 100% Arabica blend

Recyclable PET 1 bottles

2:1 concentration = 16 drinks / 96 fl. oz

House Blend Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate

A beautiful high altitude coffee, carefully roasted for rich, full bodied flavor with a smooth finish. 100% natural ingredients, Non-GMO Project certified with no added preservatives, sugars or artificial anything! Shelf-Stable so it’s ready anytime, anywhere, without the extra costs of cold-storage and cold-distribution. Can also be used as an ingredient for craft cold brew ice cream, shakes, smoothies, sparkling, dessert sauce, marinades and of course cocktails.

Pack size: 6 x 32 oz.

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