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At Gerhards, it is our mission to bring new products, flavours and beverage innovations to the Canadian coffee & foodservice industry. You can rely on us to deliver natural, organic and sustainable options that reflect the trends and demands of the modern customer. Bookmark this page and check back often to stay up to date with the latest!

Sproud Canada tetra

There’s a new alt-milk in town, and it checks all the boxes:

  • Healthy

  • Sustainable

  • Made-in-Canada

  • Gluten/Allergen-free

  • Tastes like milk

  • Steams like a dream

It’s time to join the alt side.

2023 Pacific Rebate

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1883 Mixers & Syrups

1883 Ruby Chocolate

Indulge in a chocolate that is both unique and delicious with 1883’s new Ruby Chocolate syrup! This pink-hued syrup boasts fruity and delicate vanilla flavor notes that are unlike anything you’ve tried before. Ruby Chocolate is made from specially selected cocoa beans that undergo a unique processing method to bring out its distinctive colour and flavour. With its deep fragrance and captivating notes, made with no artificial ingredients, 1883 Ruby Chocolate syrup is the perfect addition to any coffee, milk shake, frappe, or hot chocolate. So why settle for plain old chocolate when you can indulge in the sweet sin of Ruby Chocolate?

1883 Craft Tonic

Tonic is a vital component in classic cocktails like the Gin & Tonic, many modern spirit-free drinks, and even the coffee bar! Think: Espresso tonic, cold brew tonic, or even a cherry cascara iteration. Welcome to Summer 2022!


1883 Tonic Mix provides a premium craft product, at a reasonable price point, in a simple, more environmental format.

Featured Supplier:

Hollander Premium Cocoa