Nspire Organic Teas

Organic Whole Leaf Premium Teas in Luxurious Cotton Sachets

Nspire is a new boutique line of luxurious handsewn cotton sachets, hand-curated with the finest organic whole leaf teas and herbs from around the world.

Nspire turns a new leaf on the GMO corn-PLA pyramid tea bags. Elegant, sustainable, and non-GMO, water flows easily through the weaves of earths natural cotton, allowing the organic tea leaves to expand and fully extract. A whole new level of tea Nspiration!

Inspired by Tradition

Cotton mesh was the original method to steep tea in a bag. In a spirit of tradition, Nspire harks back to the tea bag’s roots by utilizing natural handsewn cotton sachets filled with premium whole leaf teas. Traditionally handsewn, elegant, and luxurious.

Refined Presentation

 Nspire teas are displayed, not in retail tea boxes, but with classic touches. Choose from elegant Presentation Chests, or chic Storage Bins made out of reclaimed fence wood or durable fabric and recycled paperboard.

 Respect for Craft

100% real premium organic tea. With over 20 years of blending experience and a skillful team of tasters, the Nspire master blender brings his love and respect for tea leaf varietals, a celebration of origin, and an appreciation of the pure flavours of real fruits, flowers and herbs.