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  • Aiya Zen Cafe Blend (semi-sweetened with pure cane for easy latte, smoothie, or iced tea usage)
  • Aiya Pure Cooking grade (vibrant flavourful grade ideal for unsweetened lattes, smoothies, and other recipes)
  • Ceremonial Matcha (the classic matcha, with balanced astringency for hot tea drinking)

See product descriptions below. Other products available on a special order basis.

Zen Cafe Blend: Aiya’s Pre-Mix contains pure Matcha green tea powder and is only slightly sweetened with pure cane sugar, making it easy to create delicious green tea flavored drinks. Unlike other premix blends, which are heavily sweetened, Aiya Pre-mix Matcha delivers true Matcha flavour and vibrancy in a versatile and convenient form. Perfectly blended for invigoratingly healthy Latte’s, Iced Tea, Smoothies, & more.

Pure Cooking Grade: A good cooking grade Matcha has a stronger tea flavor than a drinking grade.  This allows the Matcha flavor to shine though even if mixed with other ingredients. Although some would consider it slightly too strong for traditional drinking, this grade is best suited for making Matcha flavored desserts and beverages such as Matcha cookies, smoothies, and lattes.

Ceremonial: Having the perfect balance of natural sweetness (derived from the amino acid L-theanine) and slight Matcha astringency (derived from natural tea Catechins), this is the perfect Usu-cha (thin style Matcha) for tea ceremony.

Ceremonial Organic: Our Organic Ceremonial Matcha meets USDA-NOP, EU, and Japan Organic standards in addition to Aiya’s already high standards.  Organic Matcha of this high quality is quite rare. This grade is smooth and has a crisp, delicate taste with just a faint vegetal aftertaste. We highly recommend it for daily “Usu-cha” (thin style Matcha) tea ceremony.