Sproud Barista m*lk

Sproud tasty as milk

Plant-based. Tastes like milk. Powered by peas. 



Why should your plant-based milk taste like a plant? Sproud Barista tastes like milk, so your coffee flavours can shine through in all of their sweet crema glory.

It tastes even better, knowing it’s grown and made in Canada.



75% fewer carbs than oat milk.

50% less sugar than dairy!

Lightly sweetened with Agave.

Non-GMO & SUGARWISE certified

5 grams of protein per serving!



We’re on Team Earth! Peas put nitrogen back into Canadian soil, rebuilding soil’s organic matter and restoring soil biodiversity. All with up to 80% less water usage than almonds and a 75% lower carbon footprint than dairy. That’s regenerative farming, baby!



Free of common allergens, like Oat, Avenin, Lactose, Nut, Soy & Gluten.

Meets or exceeds EU & US allergen-free regulations.

…because you can’t be the alternative if you still need one.

Sproud iced
Sproud Canada tetra


Powered by peas and developed in Sweden, Sproud is the next level of plant-based Barista m*lk, bringing taste, performance and sustainability together. We have one mission: to be the best-tasting plant-based barista m*lk you could ever experience.