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Blueberry Mojito

A fruity twist on a classic cocktail. This drink also works well with 1883 Strawberry, Mango, Cherry, Peach and Blackcurrant syrups. Ingredients: 1 oz. 1883 Blueberry syrup 1 oz. Rum 2-3 oz. sparkling water 5-7 mint leaves 2 wedges lime Instructions: Add lime, mint and syrup to serving glass and gently muddle. Fill with ice.…

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Blue Hawaiian

Created in Waikiki in 1957 by Harry Yee, this cocktail arguably has ties with the tiki family. A fruity drink that will take you travelling in the tropics. Ingredients: 1/2 oz. 1883 Blue Curaçao Syrup 1 oz. white rum 1 oz. coconut cream 3 oz. pineapple juice 2/3 oz. lemon juice Instructions: Pour all the…