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Hot Lavender Punch

Punch got all sophisticated and grown-up. Ingredients: For 1/2 Litre (17 oz.) 2 oz. 1883 Lavender Syrup 10 basil leaves 1 verbena bag (3gr) 2 oz. lime juice 3 1/3 oz. vanilla vodka Boiling water Instructions: Put fresh basil leaves and verbena in a teapot and add syrup, juice and vodka. Top up with boiling…

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Basil Beauty

An intensely fragrant cocktail with exotic and Mediterranean hints. This drink bursts with sunshine. Ingredients: 1/3 oz. 1883 Lemon Syrup 6 basil leaves 1/2 passion fruit 1 2/3 oz. vodka 1 oz. pineapple juice Instructions: Place basil leaves and the scooped-out pulp of the half passion fruit in a shaker. Crush gently. Add the other…