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Tarragon Lime Soda

A bright green drink with the taste of refreshing lime and exciting aniseed notes! Ingredients: 1 1/4 oz. 1883 Tarragon syrup 1/2 oz. Lime juice 6 oz Sparkling Water Ice Instructions: Fill 12 oz glass with ice  Add all the ingredients. Stir well. Garnish with Tarragon and Lime wedge

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TagsBeverage Innovations, NonAlcoholic

All Natural Fruit Sparkler

Made with 1883 French Syrups, this drink is as refreshing to the body as it is to the palate! Ingredients: ice 1 oz. 1883 Syrup (any fruit variety) club soda Instructions: Fill serving glass with ice. Add remaining ingredients. Stir well, or transfer from serving glass to other glass and back. Garnish.